Steve & Donna Gantt
Steve and Donna Gantt

We are Steve and Donna Gantt from Athens, Louisiana. At the time that we were introduced to Team National, Donna was a teacher and I owned and operated chicken houses.

At one time, we had a great life, but the cost of living started going up and the chicken company wanted more and more upgrades, for us that meant more and more debt. We found ourselves in survival mode. We believed God had a better plan for us, so we prayed Jeremiah 29:11 and asked God to show us His plans for our future.

Two weeks later we took a look at Team National. I saw the company could allow me to cut my expenses and to earn some extra income. We saved money on ink cartridges, luggage, gifts, household items, jewelry, and furniture. We even save $49 a month on our AFLAC premiums. Sharing Team National around our busy schedule, using our simple proven system, with the help of a team, we today have our dreams back. Team National has been an answer to our prayers.

We have made a bunch of new friends and are having the time of our lives. We have been able to participate in our first family mission trip, go on our first cruise, and are working on visiting every state in the USA. Today we spend quality time with our grandkids. We get to hear “I love MawMaw and PawPaw.” often. We thank God every day for Team National.

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If you're interested in adding value and inspiring dreams contact us! We love the fact that this company is about people helping people.

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